Best Table Tennis Paddle review and its buying guide

Table tennis is the best competitive game, and therefore the selection of a suitable racket is unavoidable. The Table tennis game is famous all over the globe. Having the most excellent table tennis paddle can make the difference between a loss and a win. Selecting the best and right table tennis paddle may often be a tough decision for beginners and professional players.

After getting the proper information about the brands that provide the best table tennis paddle, you will need to know about a reliable platform to search all the products in one place. Amazon will be the best destination for you to compare and choose the tennis accessory of your choice without any trouble. You have to select the best one based on your budget, selection, and product goal.

There is an infinite option of table tennis paddle in the market. Whether it is professional or beginner-level table tennis, every player has an exceptional style and chooses various kinds of table tennis rackets as per their requirements. Here, you will get the complete list of top and Best Table Tennis Paddle along with benefits and disadvantages.

JOOLA Spinforce Table Tennis Paddle

The JOOLA Spinforce Professional table tennis paddle is the perfect paddle for people who have mastered the fundamental skills of table tennis and want to improve their game to the next level.

Best Table Tennis Paddle JOOLA spinforce
JOOLA spinforce

Once you begin keeping pace with the bat, you fall in love with this paddle. There is a 2.2mm smooth sponge connected to the blade with a Plywood carbon blade.

  • JOOLA Spinforce Professional may provide you great control and spin.
  • The paddle is lightweight but may give you strong hits.
  • The JOOLA Table Tennis Paddle rubber may be easily worn off from the blade or weaken on the edges.
  • The quality of Spinforce Professional table tennis paddle is highly low.
  • STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Paddle

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STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Paddle

The STIGA Evolution table paddle is a tremendous shake-handle paddle that can be an excellent option for professionals and beginners searching for the best speed and spin.

Best Table Tennis Paddle STIGA evolution
STIGA evolution

It comprises a 6-ply all-wood blade exceptionally lightweight and provides you power when you require it. The STIGA is an excellent defensive paddle that must suit players who are not searching for too much speed.

  • STIGA Evolution comprises a shock diffusion tube.
  • It provides a formidable control with a decent spin.
  • STIGA Evolution is highly light for aggressive players.
  • It comprises a decreased speed due because of lightweight handle.

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Butterfly Carbo X5 Pro-Line Ping Pong Racket

The Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket has been equipped and developed with superior and advanced technologies prepared with Carbon fiber reinforced piles.

Best Table Tennis Paddle butterfly balsa
Butterfly balsa

The Butterfly Balsa is highly lightweight, which assists the players in providing great shots. Blades and rubber are the two highly vital things in table tennis to get the best performance.

  • The Butterfly Balsa is perfect for the power to play with excellent spin.
  • It comprises a carbon fiber that is complete of power.
  • The paddle consists of lightwood for an excellent hitting feel.
  • The blade of the Butterfly Balsa racket is delicate and easily broken.
  • It comprises low toughness and steadiness.

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Killerspin JET N2 Table Tennis Racket Or Paddle

The Killerspin is prepared with a 5-ply all-wood blade that gives the best punch and permits you to create the best amount of power.

Best Table Tennis Paddle killerspin JET
Killerspin JET

The edge comprises three kinds of wood for a light and balanced touch, while a 2.00 mm thick sponge ball is best for great spin and control. It is significantly costly than the JET 200 and the JET 400, but this paddle is designed for more pro players.

  • As it is known, the Killerspin jet 600’s forceful spin capacity creates it ideal for attacking.
  • Killerspin JET 600 paddle also has good speed.
  • Killerspin JET 600 paddle may be pretty costly.
  • It may be difficult to control, and need to get used to it, creating it inappropriate for beginners.

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DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle

DHS has equipped the racket with an oversized handle that operates best for extended play. A rubber is coated to the surface of the table tennis paddle, which arises from China & it is a similar kind of tried and tested rubber used on pro paddles.

Best Table Tennis Paddle DHS hurricane
DHS Hurricane

The rubber coating on the surface of the paddle is of excellent quality, and it is the same as the advanced paddles.

  • DHS HURRICANE-II comprises an oversized handle for more ease.
  • The paddle of DHS HURRICANE-II is more significant than others.
  • The DHS ping pong paddle is not appropriate for beginners.
  • The racket or DHS paddle is quite costly.

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Best Table Tennis Paddle (Buying Guide)

Blade Type: 

For those who want to enhance their skills or become highly competitive, it is vital to consider the kind of blade you need in a table tennis racket. All blades are glued together, occasionally with a tinny layer of fiberglass or carbon fiber between the layers to offer lightweight and minimum energy absorption. Blade type is the first factor you need to consider while buying the paddle.


Whether advanced or a beginner, Play-style is a vital factor. Defensive play secures you from losing, using different skills like the push, the chop, the Lob, and the block. The offensive style is where the gamer attacks his or her challenger ultimately, planning to knock him out of the game. It will help if you consider the playing style while choosing the best table tennis paddle.


The Shakehand is by far the highly famous ping pong grip in use. The shallow Shakehand grip, although the first finger and other main fingers keep in their place, the thumb will break on the blade. And thumb in the deep shake-hand grip will remain on the rubber. Penhold is the highly used style; in this style, the thumb and the first finger grasp the paddle with both fingers.

Wood Material:

Wood is among the most vital factors when selecting a paddle for table tennis. Competitive paddles are prepared from nearly 85% wood, making them slightly heavier than other rackets or paddles. It is the first best sign, but a racket designed of almost 85% wood is best for control. A denser sponge will create the racket heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look In A Table Tennis Paddle?

When you choose a table tennis paddle, select the handle that suits your grip. The other factors you need to look at in Table Tennis Paddles are Playing Style, Speed, control, Spin, Blade Type, Wood Material, and many more.

Which One Is The Most Durable Table Tennis Paddle?

The most rigid and durable ping pong racket is DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle. Sticky Chinese rubbers last incredibly long, which offers excellent spin, less influenced by the moisture.

What Are The Types of Table Tennis Rackets?

Answer: Rackets or paddles arise in various types. Keep in mind, depending on the kind you will buy, your skill is at stake. The main types are Recreational or Pre-made paddles and Custom made paddles.

How Often Must You Clean Your Table Tennis Paddle?

If you use your table tennis racket daily, cleaning your bat and rubbers can be done once in 30 days or 60 days. Nevertheless, if you are not using your paddle very frequently, cleaning your paddle may be done once or twice in 2 to 3 months.

Final Conclusion

When you wish to play tough games against other players, you should have a new paddle that will assist you to increase your returns, serve against other gamers and get the right amount of spin on your ball. Unlike simple ping pong bats, if you need a professional product, you must purchase one that meets ITTF standards. With the help of the above-provided comprehensive list, you can easily choose the best Table Tennis Paddle.

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