Best Table Tennis Balls review and its buying guide

After acquiring your best ping pong table and a set of table tennis bats ready, the other vital thing to get to begin playing is some best table tennis balls. A ping pong ball or table tennis ball is a lightweight, heavy plastic ball used in the game of ping pong. It is highly significant to have an excellent quality ping pong ball to play table tennis or ping pong game.

Table tennis balls are accessible in various ranges; therefore, it is vital that you know what to find before selecting which ones you must purchase. Various kinds of balls are accessible such as training balls, competition balls, and inexpensive ‘just for fun’ balls. Here, we have listed the best ping pong balls that can guarantee your satisfaction as per your need.

Nittaku 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

Nittaku 3-Star ping pong balls are the latest non-celluloid plastic ball that is certified by ITTF and allowed for all ITTF sanctioned matches. Nittaku balls are equipped with non-celluloid plastic material with no danger.

best table tennis balls Nittaku 3-star
Nittaku 3-star

All these balls severely follow the ITTF rules when it arises to quality. It has a speed rating of 9.0 which is extremely faster than other table tennis balls.

  • Nittaku balls arise with a 3-star rating which is sanctioned by ITTF.
  • It is designed from plastic and not celluloid which is best for the game.
  • The superiority of bounce can vary from time to time.
  • Nittaku 3-Star ping pong balls are a bit costly.

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Xushaofa Seamless Table Tennis Balls

Xushaofa Seamless ping pong balls are designed from advanced plastic, so they spin, bounce, and perform skilfully at the time of playing. It is one of the best balls that come second in our top list. It is very durable, and it doesn’t provide pressure too quickly. It creates it simpler to learn new skills without having to deal with the unexpected balls.

Best Table Tennis Balls Xushaofa Seamless
Xushaofa Seamless
  • Xushaofa ping pong ball is approved by ITTF and USATT.
  • The best part is this; Xushaofa is made from poly plastic.
  • It is not best for ping pong tournaments.
  • Xushaofa Seamless ping pong ball is quite expensive.

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STIGA Twelve 3-Star Table Tennis Balls

STIGA Twelve three-star ping pong balls are the perfect pack for your family’s fun game. These are the strongest balls, permitting for best game, quick-paced volleys, and an anticipated bounce of every hit.

Best Table Tennis Balls STIGA twelve 3-star
STIGA twelve 3-star

It is accessible in White and Orange in packages 6 and 144. These balls have feature consistent volleys, solitary volleys for an excellent spin, and extra functionality.

  • STIGA twelve three-star ping pong balls provide the best bounce and spin
  • It comprises a similar thickness around the ball.
  • STIGA twelve three-star ping pong ball is not very much durable.
  • STIGA ball may burst after few hours of use.

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JOOLA Training 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

The JOOLA Training 3 Star ping pong balls are superior-quality 40mm celluloid balls. It is prepared from ABS material with seam, the 40+mm balls are extremely durable, creating ideal superior-quality and 3-star training table tennis balls for fun or club use.

Best Table Tennis Balls JOOLA training
JOOLA training

The set is best for a face-to-face practice sessions. The JOOLA balls are accessible in white or orange shades.

  • It is best for training and trial table tennis matches.
  • It provides great bounce and spin.
  • It may crack after long hours of use.
  • The JOOLA Training 3 Star ping pong balls are not best for tournament matches.

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MAPOL 50- Pack Three Star Table Tennis Balls

MAPOL table tennis ball arises in the pack of 50 and one of the best ping pong balls for training; the table tennis ball is designed for advanced training.

Best Table Tennis Balls MAPOL 50 pack
MAPOL 50 pack

If you wish to purchase table tennis balls in bulk for preparation or likely you wish to access them in a robot to practice on your own, then these ping pong balls from MAPOL may be an excellent choice. It comprises a diameter of 40.1- 40.25.

  • MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star balls are very durable.
  • You can play nearly 30 to 40 matches.
  • Additional force may burst the ball.
  • The force of the ball hit may create white spots on the bat.

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How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Balls (Buying Guide)?

Type of Play

Knowing your level of expertise will assist you to select the best ball. There are many unique balls on the market that may be used for fun play, or for young children who are just getting started on table tennis. Both one and two-star-rated table tennis balls are worthwhile options for applicants in training, while tree star-rated balls are an excellent choices for advanced players.


Two main materials may be used to manufacture the table tennis balls; such as polystyrene or celluloid materials. The celluloid balls are appropriate for applicants who are searching for a cheaper ball. The table tennis balls that are prepared from polystyrene are an excellent option for advanced players because they are accepted by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).


Applicants can choose a table tennis ball with a color that is simple to see at the time of playing. You may choose any shade of ball if you are playing the table tennis game for fun. For playing legal matches, matte textured white or orange balls are suitable, as these shades are easy to identify by the eyes.

Star Rating

If you are a learner, you can use a 1 Star ball for practice, but these balls are more likely to suffer damage. The 2 Star balls are best in terms of durability, and superiority. These are extremely famous at the college, school, and club levels. The 3 stars are indicated as having the maximum level of quality. Tournament coordinators use these balls at national, international, and state levels.


The table tennis ball’s weight is a vital aspect in selecting a ball as it defines its bounce, spin, and speed. You need to consider the weight of the ping pong ball before buying it. The normal weight of the table tennis ball must be between 2.6 to 2.7 grams for a ball accepted by ITTF. A lot of superiority testing has to be done to get each ball to be a similar dimension.


What is the difference between table tennis balls and beer tennis balls?

If you wish to purchase beer tennis balls and completes them with table tennis pong balls, that’s okay as there is no difference. Applicants may purchase anyone and use them.

What is the size and weight of the official ping pong ball?

The official table tennis ball weight is 2.7 grams, and the dimension of a table tennis ball is 40+mm. These are the normal dimensions weights that are followed in national and international matches and the Olympics.

How Many Types of Table Tennis balls?

There are various types of ping pong balls to purchase such as training balls, competition balls, and ‘just for fun’ balls.

How Long Does Table Tennis Ball Last?

An excellent quality table tennis ball must last nearly 3 to 6 months. You must use it carefully and do not hit the ball with too much force.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best table tennis ball is not among the simplest things, it is difficult to judge a table tennis ball if you have not experienced it. A table tennis ball is a minor, hollow ball that is used in the table tennis game. There are various kinds of table tennis balls to select from and depends on your requirements and ability. With the help of the above-provided list, you can choose the best one.

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