Best Rectangular Trampolines and its buying guide 2021

Are you willing to extend your physical expectancies just by choosing natural sources?

Are you looking for a perfect tool that can help you in keeping fit always without causing any side effects?

If yes, is just the right answer you are going to bade about, get ready with us to check out the best rectangular trampolines 2020 with us.

We are here providing you best sporty and professional level trampoline.

Do you know the fact that the shape of a trampoline puts on a lot of effects on its usability????????????

Well…….This is the main secret that makes every trampoline size option the best one on its own. A rectangular trampoline ensures users have the best bounce types while making different kinds of flips, somersaults, and other tricks also. It is one of the best things one could do for staying healthy and enjoying that extreme level of fun at an easier end.

Exacme T8-T16 Heavy Duty Rectangle Trampoline

Exacme T-Series rectangle trampoline is durable and sturdy with a ladder, enclosure net, and safety pad. This all-in-one package is available in numerous sizes starting from 8-inches up to a maximum of 16-inches.

Exacme’s PP jumping material will offer the best & advanced jumping capacity. You will never degrade and gain a wonderful bounce by using the rust-proof industry-grade galvanized springs.

Your kids can easily climb safely using the slip-proof rungs and hot-dip heavy-duty galvanized ladder. It includes 12 contact points, galvanized-steel construction, rust-proof, and 398lbs ultra-high weight limit.

Best Rectangular Trampolines Exacme T8-T16
Exacme T8-T16 Heavy Duty Rectangle Trampoline

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Steel brackets will offer the best support holding and finer strength for adult or teen jumpers safely. Exacme rectangular trampoline’s design with long-lasting and safer utilization.

Apart from other models, the enclosure net extends higher to provide PE high-density and resilient netting for safety. This product is properly gone through the UV, GST testing, and TUV quality or safety certification process.

Users will get a one-year manufacturer warranty for springs, safety pad, net, and jumping mat. Moreover, it features with 3-year limited warranty for the frame.

  • 3-year manufacturer limited warranty only for frames
  • Smart Design
  • It can easily support adults and teens
  • W-legs will offer excellent support and optimal strength
  • Highest weight limit
  • Quality-approved and TSA safety
  • Spring cover & zipper quality should be improved

Happy Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Happy Galactic rectangular trampoline will offer a bouncy and huge jumping area. This is another biggest rectangular trampoline available across the online marketplace.

It has a strong and thick frame, which will never warp or bend. Without any breaking issues, you can freely bounce or jump within the jumping area.

Best Rectangular Trampolines Happy Galactic
Happy Galactic Xtreme Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure Net

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Happy Galactic is another highly recommended product to purchase. It is an ideal choice to practice numerous moves and tricks as a gymnastics.

A safe design & model for gymnastic training to perform cartwheels and flips. It can easily fit numerous people simultaneously and use it along with your family members.

  • Galvanized inside out
  • Diameter & spring coils are longer and also thicker
  • Entire trampoline is surrounded by the safety enclosure net
  • USA-made double-matted bouncing mat
  • Strong bounce creation using the 172 springs with safety mat
  • Mat’s jumping surface is much bigger
  • Very pricey

Skywalker Green Pad Rectangular Trampoline

Skywalker Green Pad Rectangular Trampoline will possess wit strengthened T-sockets and galvanized rust-resistant steel frame. The system can easily deliver effortless dismantle and construction.

V-rings are connected properly with both the safety pad and the jumping mat. It can easily withstand any tear & wear using the proper construction of UV-treated foam plus PVC material.

Best Rectangular Trampolines Skywalker Green
Skywalker Green Pad Rectangular Trampoline

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The high-quality real polyethylene elements are efficiently used to form the safety enclosure of this trampoline. It will interlocks the mat comfortably using the V-ring and a button-hole innovation.

The wide new bouncing pads are made with protective and convenient, which are foam build and also UV-treated. This well-designed rectangular trampoline has padded poles and a zipper enclosure to cover the entire enclosure netting.

  • UV-protected bouncing or jumping pad
  • Rust-resistant springs
  • V-rings are attached to the unit
  • Reinforced T-sockets
  • Durable safety enclosure
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Great option for recreation
  • Instructions are not clear

MX Pro 10×17 Feet Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

MX Pro is another medium-sized rectangular trampoline that comes with affordable pricing. This 10 x 17 measurement jumping area is wide enough to perform your entire favorite aerials.

The frame is properly made up of thick steel and can easily withstand the overall testing. Apart from various other trampoline sizes, the 10 x 17 is an ideal size for your exercise or workout.

Best Rectangular Trampolines MX Pro
MX Pro 10×17 Feet Rectangle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

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Without compromising the performance, users can save money and as well as space. High bounce is assured with its heavy-duty springs to try the aerial skill, jumps, and twists at greater heights.

It is considered to be an overall great option to utilize within the limited space. Users will appreciate utilizing the best safety net feature.

  • Exceeds or meets the ASTM standards
  • Latch-clip closure net
  • Dual zipper
  • Durable
  • 80 numbers of tightly-coiled springs
  • Net poles may require additional holes for drilling

Mega Outdoor Fiber Flex Enclosure Rectangular Trampoline

Mega Outdoor is one of the most popular and the best rectangular trampolines available across the online marketplace. It ensures safety with its design of high-quality materials and a heavy-duty frame.

This product includes 90 springs and four legs to build and can hold numerous movements& weights. Never worry about this product becoming rusty, it can also be left outdoors throughout the year.

Best Rectangular Trampolines Mega Outdoor Fiber Flex
Mega Outdoor Fiber Flex Enclosure Rectangular Trampoline

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The galvanized steel coating will prevent any tear & wear and enhance its durability. After receiving the package, you can quickly and easily assemble the trampoline.

Without overwhelmed or become lost, you can refer to the instruction manual for easy assembling steps. Without extra cost, you will get the entire tools to assemble this trampoline.

  • It is much easier to assemble or set-up this trampoline
  • Multiple users can jump or bounce simultaneously
  • Safety Enclosure net to safeguard the users
  • Unfavorable weather withstand by using high-quality materials
  • Heavy-duty galvanized springs
  • Ladder is not available with this product

Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker is one of the most popular brands and establishes themselves as a reliable & efficient outdoor equipment provider. Their product range includes the best addition of launching the 15” Jump-N-Dunk rectangular trampoline with enclosure.

Its hardy enclosure netting will assist the trampoline frame to join with the mainframe using the interlocking T-sockets. Each frame joint can assist and ensures no twists during bouncing or jumping.

Best Rectangular Trampolines Skywalker Jump-N- Dunk
Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

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They can also firmly hold the enclosure in place. Skywalker trampoline is an ideal option for gymnastics and features a patented no-gap and unique enclosure system.

Each spring will join the jumping mat and the enclosure net to eliminate the slips within the available gaps. The frame is made up of galvanized rust-resistant steel and can withstand heavy use with is enough sturdiness.

  • Slightly smaller size for lawns with 15” x 9”
  • It is much easier to assemble
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty construction
  • It can exceed or meets the entire ASTM standards
  • Eliminates gap using the no-gap patented enclosure system
  • Perfect option for athletes and gymnasts
  • Short warranty period and fewer springs

USA Galactic Xtreme Rectangular Trampoline

USA Galactic Xtreme will come with an enclosure and height of 3.25m and 101.5cm. This is a perfect size to utilize by both kids and as well as adults.

The safety pad is 40cm wide enough with a thickness of 35mm to offer a safe and soft landing. Moreover, the safety pad includes a UV-treated and heavy vinyl cover for sun protection.

Best Rectangular Trampolines USA Galactic
USA Galactic Xtreme Rectangular Trampoline

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They utilize the semi-crystalline polypropylene for making the mat to deliver the best durability and flexibility. USA Galactic Xtreme trampoline is always good and easily withstand any weather conditions.

It provides a well-supported and sturdy frame and mat to bear any weight limits.

  • Huge weight limit & available in various sizes
  • Strong bounce with the help of 172 springs and safety mat
  • Mat’s jumping surface is bigger
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • All-weather use with heavy vinyl cover & sun-protected mat
  • It is an ideal option for kids and adults
  • 550 lbs, large weight limit
  • Expensive product

Best Rectangular Trampolines – Buying Guide


By using the rectangular trampolines, jumpers can easily decide on their landing option to avoid any damage fall. However, within a round shape model, it is important to land safer only within the center position.

Users may experience slipping off chances on the rectangular trampoline since it does not include an adequate safety net. However, it is better and another safest model to use.


There are available in numerous different sizes to select depending on your available space. Rectangular trampolines are 10 feet, 9 feet, or 8 feet, which are perfect for your small area or yard.

Product size is most important and also suitable for the entire age of persons. Trampoline with the 12-feet size is an ideal option to accommodate two persons simultaneously.

You can utilize the same for any average-size yards. 15 feet and 14 feet rectangular trampolines are the best ones for jumpers to get at affordable space and money.


Broken parts or damages are part of our life, and there is no exception for trampolines. Warranties may vary for different products and choose the best one while purchasing.


Fun ring is also known as a safety net enclosure to prevent the uses from falling down the trampoline. You can also find numerous safety nets available across the online marketplace.

Not all the expensive pricing products are sturdier and better. You need to research the safety nets before choosing the best rectangular trampoline.

Some higher quality trampolines will provide the safety net as an accessory and a few of them may not. It can prevent you from fatal injuries and reduce the risks.


Trampoline pricing may vary and depend on its materials, specifications, shape, size, and additional accessories. Rectangular trampolines are expensive than the round trampolines.

Due to its shape, rectangular trampolines are much easier to build and also make it less expensive. It can also offer long-lasting, durability, and greater support.

Weight Limitations

Rectangular trampolines will provide a standard weight ranging from 300 pounds up to a maximum of 400 pounds. They are much harder while shifting or carrying around the area.

Bounce Quality

Some trampolines are always slack and a few others are tighter. Your family members can enjoy the best fun jump experience by choosing the best bounce quality trampoline to use.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety features, the trampoline must exceed or meets the safety standards.


Sometimes, trampoline assembly or installation is not much easier to perform. It involved numerous small and big parts to assemble.

Everyone will prefer to have a good start for utilizing the trampoline. You can refer to the instruction manual for easy assembly, average assembly time, and quality check.


What could be the reasons for the rectangular trampoline to be more expensive?

Since the rectangular trampolines are bigger in size and they are more expensive. Apart from the round trampoline, they are bigger and offer more bouncing square footage to use.

Moreover, they hold a higher & extra weight limit than the traditional round trampoline.  They hold the entire weight by utilizing numerous frames and expensive poles.

How to measure and get the best rectangle trampoline?

You can easily measure or identify the best rectangle trampoline by understanding the length of each metal frame side. Ensure that the both shorter sides’ measurements should be identical.

In the same way, it is also important to measure the other two longer sides. After completing the entire measurement, you can easily determine the appropriate size.

Is it much easier to remove the rectangular spring swing?

Most of the rectangular trampolines will take more hours for assemblies, due to its small & big parts. A few of them can take only a few hours to complete its simple assembly process.

What is the overall weight that a rectangular trampoline can hold?

It generally depends on the rectangular trampoline that you are purchasing. Each manufacture will follow its unique weight limit guidelines for users.

Some rectangular trampolines have the highest weight limit up to a maximum of 800 pounds. A few of them can hold around 500 pounds and others can hold only 200 or 300 pounds weight limit.

How to assemble or set-up a rectangular trampoline?

First of all, you need to start assembling the rectangular trampoline’s frames. Connect the entire rectangular pieces and assemble the legs.

Now, flip the trampoline frame after tightening the nuts and bolt heads. Next, it is important to set-up or assembles the trampoline safety mat.

You have to attach & assemble the springs along with the protective pad across the springs. Finally, attach the enclosure net to complete the assembling process.


Rectangular trampolines are more popular and commonly found in the Olympic competitions and gymnastics. The above-mentioned trampolines will offer the best overall appearance, protection features, and safety enclosure net.

Some rectangular modes could be an excellent option for rival jumpers and known as professional-quality trampolines. Users can utilize these trampolines to enjoy a vast & excellent jumping or bouncing adventure.

Users can perform excellent tricks by using rectangular trampolines. Apart from that, they are the most essential ones for kids to engage in cheerleading, gymnastics, and tumbling.

You can find the best rectangular trampolines across the online market with good value pricing. Depending on the sizing options, the pricing may vary for some models starting from the $300 price range.

Within this pricing, your trampoline will also include the safety features. A cheaper model can able to offer only a few safety features with a smaller trampoline.

A few models are expensive and large enough in size. Manufacturers are unique to offer patented technologies, alternative frame types, and many others to utilize the rectangular trampolines.


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