Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 100 and its review

A game of high speed and jaw-dropping accuracy, table tennis is among the most fantastic sporting spectacles. Table tennis is the sport of high intelligence that needs accuracy and speed. Whether you play table tennis at home, club, or office, or college, you always require the top paddles to show your skills. Table tennis gamers use a standard table tennis paddle which is commonly known as a racket or bat. Though, the best ping pong paddle will assist the learners to enhance their game.

Searching for the best and top ping pong paddle is highly vital. It may increase your performance and create every game memorably. Table tennis rackets or paddles are becoming extremely advanced all the time; the probabilities are you will invest more and more to keep up with the best features in a ping pong paddle. Here, in this article, you will get the description of top and test Ping Pong Paddle Under 100, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Killerspin JET 800 (Recreational Ping Pong Paddle)

The JET 800 is the best and heavy racket, weighing nearly 190 grams. The JET 800 comprises a scraper thickness of 2.1mm, which is perfect for an aggressive paddle – this thickness will provide extra spring to shots, along with better spin. Once you acquire a grip on the controls, you may learn the skills of spin and speed.

Best ping pong paddle under 100 Killerspin jet
Killerspin jet
  • It comprises seven-ply blades (5 wood + 2 carbons).
  • Killerspin JET 800 includes a heavier paddle which is best for aggressive players.
  • It contains heavy paddle than most in its category – it may be rough and uncomfortable for some.
  • It is tough to control for new players.

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Palio Legend 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Legend 2.0 table tennis racket is among the most excellent ping pong paddles under 100. The rubber of Palio is ITTF certified, and you may use this racket for tournaments and competitions.

Best ping pong paddle under 100 Palio legend 2.0
Palio legend 2.0

During the facility in a table tennis game, this paddle is highly beneficial because it allows you to serve with added spin and cheat the opponent.

  • The rubber Palio Legend 2.0 may be changed.
  • It arises with a water-resistance case.
  • It is effortless to handle and best for beginners and advanced level players.
  • Palio Legend 2.0 is difficult to control and not best for intermediate-level players or applicants who wish to play ping pong just for fun.
  • Palio Legend 2.0 is not highly durable.

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NIBIRU Professional Table Tennis or Paddle Set

NIBIRU sport professional table tennis racket is among the most excellent rackets that come third on our list. It is designed with tough rubber of premium thickness and balance; therefore, enhancing your ball control, speed, and spin.

Best ping pong paddle under 100 Nibiru sport
Nibiru sport professional

It is best for average starters and professionals players. NIBIRU SPORT Professional table tennis racket comes with a storage bag.

  • NIBIRU is appropriate for outdoor and indoor playability.
  • It is completely ITTF, and USATT certified.
  • It cannot create any accurate spin.
  • NIBIRU SPORT Professional Ping Pong Paddle Set is costly as compared to another racket.

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Idoraz Ping Pong Paddle

The Idoraz table tennis racket comprises all the qualities that make it a great paddle. It is not an old product like Killerspin and STIGA, but it is undoubtedly the quickest developing name.

Best ping pong paddle under 100 Idoraz ping pong
Idoraz ping pong paddle

For applicants who like to play a fast game, it is the most excellent choice. Its turn, speed, and structure of each element boost you to play a perfect aggressive game.

  • It is best for all kinds of players, either beginners or professionals.
  • The rubber of the Idoraz table tennis racket upgrades the playing style.
  • The glue material comprises a bad smell.
  • The handle’s size is irritating for some people.

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MAPOL 4 Star Professional Paddle

The paddle is easier to control and gives a more excellent repetition time ratio. The blade and the sponge work dazzlingly together to provide more bounce and more reliable crashes and loops.

Best ping pong paddle under 100 Mapol 4 star
Mapol 4 star

MAPOL is a new brand or name to you if you don’t go in-depth with the products in the game’s world, but it is known to advanced players.

  • MAPOL 4 star professional paddle comprises reasonable control and turn.
  • It includes an excellent execution elastic.
  • It includes defensive packaging.
  • It is significantly heavier than ordinary paddles
  • Sometimes you have to adjust the paddle.

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How to Choose the Best Best Ping Pong Paddle Under 100? Complete Buying Guide

Level of a Player:

The table tennis rackets are categorized as per the level of the players. If you are new in the game or an introductory level player, then there will require various paddles, and if you are an experienced level player, then a different paddle or racket will suit you. The standard level player should go for the paddle, which is simple to handle or control.

Durability and Strength:

You have to choose the durability and strength also before buying any ping pong paddle. Ping pong paddle rubber is among the highly vital and delicate things. If the rubber of your racket is not of excellent quality, it will deteriorate very soon. The paddle or racket with consumable rubber is also perfect because it offers the solution to the damaged rubber.

ITTF Approved Paddle:

The ITTF is the international table tennis federation that governs the instructions and regulations of table tennis. It will help if you consider the ITTF Approved Paddle before buying any table tennis racket. It is suggested to evaluate whether the paddle you will purchase is ITTF approved or not; if ITTF does not accept your paddle, you cannot access it in competitions and tournaments.


Weight is also a vital and essential factor while choosing a ping pong paddle. Generally, the heavier the racket is, the more energy is needed to swing, and eventually, your access to the ball will be reduced. Balanced weight will be suggested for all kinds of players. Weight is one of the best factors you need to consider also before buying a racket.


Spin is among the essential features of ping pong; regardless of the genre, the spin will always be a part of their table tennis. A good rubber gives an excellent spin on the ball, creating it simpler to attack and complete it with more and more spin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How You Will Change the Rubber on a Ping Pong Bat?

There is an excellent glue or paste for your costly table tennis racket that you must apply to a thin blade and thin rubber to the middle. Please leave it to dry for 15 minutes.

Why Are Table Tennis Racket Two Colors?

Ping pong paddles arise in two different shades and with the primary purpose. It will assist the player in flipping the racket and return the ball in a specific style.

How To Choose The Best Ping Pong Racket?

Durability and Strength, Spin, Grip Style, ITTF Approved, Weight are some of the critical factors you need to consider while choosing the best ping pong racket.

How To Maintain The Table Tennis Racket?

The vital thing that you must consider investing in is the best and clean cleaning cloth. You should be very careful while cleaning the rubber. If you look at the best players, they will only inhale on their paddle and clean it on their hands.

Final Conclusion

The ping pong paddle is the vital element of a table tennis game. Therefore, it is crucial to select the best ping paddle because it enhances your performance in the game. The superior quality table tennis paddles that suit your playing style also improve your game. It also increases the chances of winning the game. This article will give you complete detail of some best ping paddles accessible in the market for under 100 price.

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