Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table review and buying guide 

Table tennis is much fun to play outside as it generally means that there is more space around the tennis table. It provides you and your friends & family a vast gaming experience right at your house to relish some quality time with your loved ones. Table tennis takes place on a solid table separated by a net. The selection of Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table depends mainly on the players’ budget and skill.

When purchasing a table tennis table, there are many things to consider; with so many products, sizes, styles, you wish something strong enough to tolerate any harsh weather conditions, and that combination is difficult to search for it. To make it easy for applicants, we have prepared the top Outdoor Table Tennis Table, which will help you choose the best one.

STIGA XTR Series Table Tennis Table

STIGA XTR Series ping pong table is among the best outdoor tables and comes first in our top list. It is designed to fight against moisture, and you can easily install it anywhere because it is a self-folding table.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table stiga XTR series
Stiga XTR series

The STIGA XTR range is weighty and well-made tables for the most excellent playing experience at a tremendous cost. It is made with an even stronger under-carriage and bigger wheels than the others. The table is designed with superior material, and the look is impressive.

  • It is simple to store and move because of its self-folding design.
  • There is a playback mode for personal practice.
  • The corner protectors’ STIGA XTR table is convenient.
  • There is no anti-glare coating on its surface.
  • STIGA XTR Series ping pong table may show indications of wear and tear after a while.

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Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler outdoor table tennis table is weather-resistant, equipped with “weather-control” materials and waterproofing. The anti-shine surface will permit you to monitor the ball quickly, even when you are playing strong in strong sunlight.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table kettler champ
Kettler champ

The structure of the Kettler outdoor table tennis table is extremely robust and solid. It comprises two main paddles, three table tennis balls, and a cover to secure the components.

  • The Kettler table comprises many extra accessories.
  • The Resin apron also consists of a tennis table.
  • It requires extra and high maintenance.
  • The Kettler outdoor table tennis table is high-priced.

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JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Ping Pong Table

It is among the highly famous designs of JOOLA NOVA because it is of superior quality, ideal for outdoor playing. JOOLA NOVA ping pong table is highly affordable in price with all the advantages offered.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table joola nova

The most incredible thing about this ping pong table is that it can use both beginners and advanced-level players. The JOOLA NOVA ping pong table sits on a 30mm x 30mm corrosion-proof, powder-cover undercarriage.

  • JOOLA NOVA ping pong table comprises an excellent assembly.
  • The weather-resistant ping pong table is easy to set or install.
  • It arises with a net set that may stand in any climate.
  • JOOLA NOVA ping pong table is quite costly.
  • The amount charged for assembling enhances your budget than intended, but it guarantees accurate modification.

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KettlerAxos 1 Best Table For Outdoor Ping Pong Game

Kettler is a German product that specializes in creating outdoor games equipment. The Kettler Outdoor ping pong table is famous for its design, and the appearance was given to offer a great feel while playing. It is fantastic for people who require a table that is simple to store and gather.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table kettler outdoor
kETTLER outdoor table

It also arises with a glare-proof cover so that you may play outdoors in the sun or artificial light. But it is an excellent table for families and social groups who want to play outside.

  • You can fold the Kettler outdoor Axos 1 table easily.
  • The weather control components are used for construction.
  • The assembling procedure of the Kettler outdoor Axos 1 table is slightly challenging.
  • IITF approves the Kettler outdoor table.

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JOOLA Midsize Solid Table Tennis or Ping Pong Table

Another option if you search for a ping pong table for less space is the JOOLA Midsize Compact. It is very light, and you can fold the table quickly, and it is excellent, perfect for city residents who don’t have much space in their flat, apartment, or home.

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table Joola midsize
JOOLA midsize

JOOLA Midsize table is also a USATT approved ping pong table and a handy table for anyone for a top-of-the-line tennis table that will last for years.

  • JOOLA Midsize is a multi-use pong ping table.
  • It comprises average adjustable height, which is best for play.
  • JOOLA Midsize ping pong table is small in size.
  • The quality of this JOOLA Midsize table is deficient.

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Factors You Need To Consider While Buying Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Outdoor ping pong tables are dissimilar from their indoor matching part for several reasons. In addition to a climate-resistant and waterproof coating, an outdoor table will be designed with a blend of galvanized steel aluminum or wood.

Size And Weight

As per the ITTF, the complete-size ping pong table must be considered a rule, with a width of 152.5cm, length 274cm, and height 183cm. Outdoor tables will differ in their storage and replay sizes. The tables equipped for the tournament table tennis game will be 72 inches wide and one hundred and forty-four (144) inches in length.


You may search versions in stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, or concrete for enduring ping pong tables. The surface of the table is prepared from waterproof coated wood, metal, or synthetic laminate. The playing surface is generally prepared from waterproof material to prevent it from losing its shape & distorting when wet.


The commonly used material in designing the ping pong table is aluminum on the upper side and steel on the legs. It is incredibly vital to see that the ping pong table lasts for years; therefore, always check that it is prepared from excellent material and is aluminum. In superior-density chipboards of at least 25 mm, it is better to select an internal board.


If you don’t have so much space outside, that will permit you to leave the ping pong table set up all summer long. Table tennis Tables with a fast-fold design will enable you to compress the table and efficiently install, adding to the table’s portability. Wheeled tables may be kept in a secure place to prevent damage during windy solid days.

Playing Surface

An outdoor table must have a unique, thin playing surface that may remain steady in any climate. Continuous exposure to the components may cause rust, warping, discoloration, and more. You have to consider the playing surface before buying it. Outdoor tables have some status for not providing the similar kind of bounce response that you would get from an indoor table.


The net must be prepared from robust and weather-resistant material designed which will help you to stop corrosion and mold. It must also highly adjustable, permitting you to bend the tension and height. An outdoor mesh is generally prepared from a mixture of nylon and cotton. So, you have to consider the net also before choosing the ping pong table.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the appropriate surface thickness of a table tennis table?

Like a table tennis advanced table, it should be nearly 19mm; though, 22mm to 25mm are the standard thickness of any sport table. It should be a 25mm thick surface table for tournaments as that offers the most excellent spin and control on a ping pong ball.

What are the excellent brands for outdoor table tennis tables?

There are many famous brands accessible in the market. Kettler, JOOLA, and STIGA all have a good collection of quality outdoor tables. These are the highly well-known brands that people purchase for their courtyard or outdoor recreation area.

What are the essential things you need to consider before buying a ping pong table?

The main essential things you need to consider while buying ping pong tables are size and weight, weatherproof, net, playing surface, and material.

Final Conclusion

The most excellent outdoor table tennis table is prepared to withstand the components and permits you to relish a game of table tennis at any time of the year, rainy, windy, or hot climate conditions. If you search for an outdoor ping pong table, you may check our complete list of the top 5 tables. These tables are strong, durable, and often prepared with a portable design that permits you to fold them quickly at the end of the day.

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